How to create Payment Link?

To create Payment Link, kindly follow below steps:

Step 1: Select Customer (Optional)
1. Tap on Select Customer.
2. It will show you all the list of customer you have.
Choose customer from list.
If customer not exist (New Customer). Kindly click on “+” to create new customer.
3. By mistake choose the wrong customer or want to remove that customer, kindly click on “x” button.

Step 2: Enter Amount
Enter the payment link amount.
If you want to change the currency, press on currency “v” arrow key button.
It will show you all the list of available currencies. Choose the currency and tap on “<“ button.

Step 3: Note (Optional)
If you want to add some note or some reference for payment link. You can write it over here.
At the time of paying, your customer can able to see this note.

Tap on “ Generate Link” button to create link.

You can send Payment link to your customer through SMS, Email or Any other social media platform.

Once your customer paid money, you will get a notification.