What options do l have to accept payment?

Multiple ways to accept money from your customers.

# Card Payment:  

Accept Credit/Debit Card Payments with support of Stripe.

Once you charge any of your customer debit/credit cards successfully, the money will directly go into your stripe account.
From your Stripe account, you can transfer that money into your bank account.

# Invoice

Create and send professional invoices in seconds and get paid directly inside the invoice. Simple & easy-to-use online invoicing and payment solution.
Auto sends receipts, remind your customer to Pay, and much more !!

# Recurring Payments

A New trusted all-in-one tool that enables you to automate recurring payments for your customers.
It’s simple and compatible with every kind of business.

# Payment Links

Simply create a payment request (Just need Amount and Description), generate a links, and share a link to your customer through SMS, Email, WhatsApp i.e.
Your customers can follow the link to make a quick payment using a Credit/Debit Card Or PayPal Or AliPay Or WeChat.